Location as a languacultural category: Phraseological units in the lexicosemantic field of "devil"
Miejsce jako kategoria językowo-kulturowe we frazemach z pola leksykalno-semantycznego DIABEŁ

Renata Dźwigoł
2020 Etnolingwistyka  
The article deals with praseological units that contain the lexemes diabeł 'devil' and diabelski 'devilish', excerpted from dictionaries of standard and dialectal Polish. The study is based on the assumption that a description of location as a languacultural category, manifest in these units, will be non-differential and panchronic; however, characteristic features of two languacultural areas (i.e., traditional folk culture and contemporary culture) are taken into account. In the phraseological
more » ... units being investigated, the category of location appears either on the expression plane (it functions as a component of a given unit) or on the content plane (the place is the meaning of the unit), and its exponent is either a common noun or a proper name. Several aspects of the category of location, as it functions in the lexico-semantic field of "devil", have been revealed: (i) the folk culture (spiritual culture, folk beliefs in demonology); (ii) location as a category that is evaluated and that is used in evaluation, in the context of the US–THEM opposition; (iii) cultural changes (in the city and in the country).
doi:10.17951/et.2020.32.191 fatcat:wqykququ4jfbjjt4kbrtvwngme