A comparative assessment of the estimates of the saturated hydraulic conductivity of two anthropogenic soils and their impact on hydrological model simulations

Mouna Feki, Giovanni Ravazzani, Stefano Barontini, Alessandro Ceppi, Marco Mancini
2019 Soil and Water Research  
In this study, different methods were compared in order to determine the soil hydraulic conductivity at the saturation (K<sub>s</sub>) of two heavily anthropized soils in northern Italy: an irrigated field and a landfill cover. In situ, laboratory measurements (falling head and evaporation method) and pedotransfer functions (ROSETTA and HYPRES) were used for the K<sub>s</sub> estimation. In accordance with scientific literature, the results have shown that K<sub>s</sub> is largely dependent on
more » ... rgely dependent on the type of technique used in taking the measurements. The ROSETTA and HYPRES pedotransfer functions show quite similar performances, while their easiness and convenient use make them potential alternative techniques for the K<sub>s</sub> estimation in comparison with the in situ and laboratory measurements. The K<sub>s</sub> estimate is sensitive to the selected method and this sensitivity affects the hydrological model simulations. Therefore, none of the tested methods can be considered as a benchmark, but the results found in this study confirm that the applied method for the determination of K<sub>s</sub>, may provide a first estimate of K<sub>s</sub> to be subsequently optimised after the simulations.
doi:10.17221/33/2019-swr fatcat:bgdy7fxy3rcwtnacvkgey3d4s4