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2020 Elm və İnnovativ Texnologiyalar  
The role of evaluation in Quality Improvement Nigar HUSEYNOVA Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University, Baku, Azerbaijan The main purpose of this study is to investigate the essence and purpose of the evaluation in improving quality. It comprises a set of theoretical and practical methods for examining a number of internationally accepted standards and methods for assessing basic research methodologies and comparing them with existing evaluation methods. The evaluation of Quality Improvement is
more » ... roader than an effectiveness study of a distinct intervention, with the intent to generate learning through systematic documentation of Quality Improvement inputs, processes and outputs and using both quantitative and qualitative research methods to fully analyze the data. More work remains to operationalize the evaluation framework, including identifying appropriate methods to rigorously and appropriately capture the impact of Quality Improvement without compromising the iterative, adaptive nature of improvement. The practical significance of the research is to take into account the results of monitoring and evaluation to improve the quality and enrich the scientific and practical knowledge of the experts conducting research in this area. Keywords: Evaluation, monitoring, quality improvement, research methodology, practical method
doi:10.30546/2616-4418.12.2020.39 fatcat:4n4tfz3yf5arrevsw4jp6zntji