Selective Lamb mode excitation by piezoelectric coaxial ring actuators

E V Glushkov, N V Glushkova, O V Kvasha, R Lammering
2010 Smart materials and structures (Print)  
The article describes an omni-directional multi-element transducer for selective Lamb wave mode excitation. It is composed of several coaxial ring-shaped piezoelectric elements actuated by n-cycled sinusoidal tonebursts. Mode selection is achieved by a special choice of the time delays and the amplitudes of the input driving signals. The method for the determination of these parameters is based on strict analytical considerations. In the limiting case of the infinite number of cycles and with a
more » ... sufficient number of actuators it allows to generate only a single required mode, and to completely eliminate undesirable ones. It is shown that within the range of applicability of the simplest model for the piezoelectric elements, i.e. when the actuating force can be replaced by the concentrated forces applied at the locations of the edges of an element, no time delays are needed, and the required mode of excitation is achieved only by an approprite choice of the amplitudes of the input signals.
doi:10.1088/0964-1726/19/3/035018 fatcat:w7akcpuv7jeaxd6wsfm4zqwhxq