Best Practice Guide - ARM64 [report]

Xu Guo, Cristian Morales, Ole Widar Saastad, Anastasia Shamakina, Wim Rijks, Volker Weinberg
2019 Zenodo  
The ARM processor is heavily used in mobile phones and has the reputation of being very energy efficient. This has peaked interest to use this processor as building block in HPC systems, because energy efficiency has always been a major concern in developing Peta-scale and Exa-scale computers. This best practice guide provides information about the ARM64 architecture and the programming models that programmers can use in order to achieve good performance with their applications on this
more » ... ns on this architecture. The guide gives a description of the hardware of the ARM64 processor. It provides information on the programming models and development environment as well as information about porting programs. Furthermore it provides information about tools and strategies on how to analyze and improve the performance of applications. Finally, there is a description of test and production systems, that already exist in Europe or are planned in the near future.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4700827 fatcat:4au5pfjqoffm5beqlwqdyinsyu