The student movement at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata before the "Revolución Libertadora": actors, transformations and conflicts between September, 1955 and May 1956

Nayla Pis Diez
2016 Sociohistórica  
In this paper we intend to approach the events that marked the institutional and political dynamics of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP) between the months of September 1955 and May 1956, with special emphasis on the student movement. We'll use written sources as documentary material to revisit the first months of the postperonist UNLP, taking into account three aspects of the ongoing process: in the first place, the process of reconstruction and desperonización of university
more » ... university structures, teachers and administration. In second place, we explore which was the role of the student movement: what actions it carried out, which were the internal differences and the main debates. As is known, the process of university normalization went through a disruptive moment beginning 1956: the enactment of the decree-law no. 6.403, and in particular its article no. 28, would cause massive mobilizations (both in its favor and against), numerous outlets and even strong incidents in La Plata streets. The last lines of the work will be devoted to this third aspect of the indicated period
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