Engagement of Children and Young People's Services with the Mental Capacity Act

Anita Lindon
Project method The project is intended to engage and educate young people over the age of 16, their families, and professionals they may come into contact with such as social services, health, police etc... regarding rights and how the MCA should be applied. Youth groups and other less formal services will also be part of the project. The plan is to scope the legislation that applies to young people over the age of 16 and to identify what applies to whom in what circumstances. We will give
more » ... . We will give particular attention to safeguarding matters where a younger person may be at risk of perpetrators disregarding their rights, but also service providers doing the same in attempts to safeguard. Project results/evaluation The project is not yet complete, but the enthusiasm from all so far involved is gratifying, and does demonstrate the need for this work. Success will be measured by how statutory services begin to implement the MCA, and by how younger people are kept safe within a legal framework that takes account of their rights.