N'-(2-Hydroxybenzylidene)-3-Methylbenzohydrazide and its Copper(II) Complex: Syntheses, Characterization, Crystal Structures and Biological Activity

Hui Zhao, Xiang-Peng Tan, Qi-An Peng, Cong-Zhong Shi, Yi-Fei Zhao, Yong-Ming Cui
2020 Acta Chimica Slovenica  
The hydrazone compound N'-(2-hydroxybenzylidene)-3-methylbenzohydrazide (H 2 L) was prepared. With H 2 L and copper acetate a new copper complex [Cu(HL)(NCS)]·CH 3 OH was synthesized. Both the hydrazone and the copper complex were characterized by physico-chemical methods and single crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. The complex is a thiocyanato-coordinated copper(II) species. The Cu atom in the complex is in square planar geometry. The complex is a promising urease inhibitor.
doi:10.17344/acsi.2019.5644 fatcat:gazgmlyt2nbcleno63vzhvgwci