Manuel Alvarez Alvarado, Fernando Vaca Urbano
2017 Revista Bases de la Ciencia  
This study focuses on heuristic instruction as a method of logical thought processes. The objective is to raise and establish a framework for problem-solving in the application of separation of variables for the wave equation. This leads to a simple and easy pathway to make the topic at a manageable level for the students. This paper proposes a base problem, over which the heuristic instruction is applied. Eventually, the result is the determination of a system that allows a simple approach to
more » ... simple approach to avoid difficulties in solving problems in which the separation of variables in the equation of the wave is employed. In order to determine the impact of heuristic in students learning gain, two groups of 20 students each (experimental and control) were subject to a pre- and post-test. To the control group, the scheme proposed was not employed. In contrast to the experimental the proposed approach was employed. The results reveal that the heuristic scheme for wave equation problem-solving has a significant impact on students' learning process. Key words: Physics, Heuristic Instruction, Differential Equations, Wave Equation.
doi:10.33936/rev_bas_de_la_ciencia.v2i3.1028 fatcat:2zokrq5vyzd4jmbqrj5wdth2za