On the Durham Salt-District

E. Wilson
1888 Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society  
THE new salt-field in the North of England occupies the low-lying country bordering the estuary of the Tees,'situate partly in Yorkshire, partly in Durham, and bounded by the Magnesian Limestone district of Durham on the north, by the Jurassic hills of Cleveland on the south, and by the German Ocean on the east ~. At the present time this salt-field has a proved or fairly indicated area of at least twelve square miles. Of this area, however, more than half lies beneath the sea, and is therefore
more » ... inaccessible by the only system of working at present in operation in the district. Beyond these limit% however, the Durham salt-field has probably a wide extension. Evidences of a limitation of the field in a northerly and also in a westerly direction have, indeed, been obtained; but what are its boundaries on the south and on the east we have not as yet, and perhaps never shall have, any means of determining.
doi:10.1144/gsl.jgs.1888.044.01-04.48 fatcat:hhalgnrapveijpjm5pvumapn5y