CIF IMPACT FACTOR: 4.465 North Asian International research

Nisar Hussain, Malik, Ahmad Bilal, Malik, Mani Nagendra, Trapathi, Adgaonkar Ganesh, Somanath Reddy, R Sharma, R Pandday, Head, C Raman (+15 others)
2016 unpublished
Water is increasingly becoming scarce resource in many parts of the world including India. Certain regions in India like Bundelkhand are chronically drought prone due to erratic precipitation, dropping water levels and consecutive monsoon failure. Bundelkhand is documented as one of the poorest regions of India. It is facing huge scarcity of water since few years due to recurrence of drought despite presence of rivers like Betwa, Ken, Shahzad, Mandakini, Yamuna, Jamni and Sajnam. The region is
more » ... nam. The region is disreputably known for the last couple of decades due to suicides committed by farmers under the wrath of famine and drought. The region is agriculture based and most of the locals are engaged in agriculture activities for survival of livelihood. Since last decade, the region has gone through the recurrence of water scarcity, drought, crop failure, scanty rain and poor irrigation facilities, which have substantially retarded the development and growth of the locale and adversely affected the prosperity of residents. It is proving curse for the locals and continuously sweeping the happiness of Bundelkhand region. The findings of this paper highlight that the frequent environmental catastrophe in the form of famine and draught has lessened the ecological dependence and further reduced the poor to the level of hand to mouth existence leading many health related problems. Chronic water shortage, declining agriculture productivity, loss of livestock, poverty and indebtedness, hunger and malnutrition, food and job insecurity have pushed the villagers to migrate from the Bundelkhand Region. The policies and programs enacted by government related to water management to combat drought in Bundelkhand Region is not effective enough to sort out the problem of water scarcity.