User's guide to DIANE Version 2. 1: A microcomputer software package for modeling battery performance in electric vehicle applications [report]

W.W. Marr, W.J. Walsh, P.C. Symons
1990 unpublished
DIANE is an interactive microcomputer software package for the analysis of battery performance in electric vehicle (EV) applications. The principal objcctive of this software package is to enable the prediction of EV performance on the basis of laboratory test data for batteries. The model provides a second-by-second simulation of battery voltage and current for any specified velocity/time or power/time profile. The capability of the battery is modeled by an algorithm that relates the battery
more » ... ltage to the withdrawn current, taking into account the effect of battery depth-of---discharge (DOD). Because of the lack of test data and other constraints, the CUiWCnt revision of DIANE deals only with vehicles using "fresh" batteries* with or without regenerative braking. Deterioration of battery capability due to aging can presently be simulated with user-input parameters accounting lk_ran increase of effective internal resistance and/or a decrease of cell noload w)ltage. DIANE 2.1 is written in FORTRAN language for rise on IBMii compatiblc microcomputcrs. li *An algorithm for simulating the aging and recuperation effects of batteries was included in a previous version of DIANE (Marr, Walsh, aiad Symons 1987).
doi:10.2172/6285283 fatcat:l6tbjeidercjdlxfd2cjac6ofe