1881 Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society  
ycllow, Millon's rcageut red. These solutions and the presence of phosphorus clistinguish rincleine fn,m other albnminoids. Zncliarins clcnionstrated these reactions in nuclei obtained from tlic cpi~lcriiinl cells of Tradescantin virginica, and from the parenchyma of young Ic:ivcs and stcriis of ~n~~u n c u l z i s Lingua. If a fresh Tvadesw i i f i ( i cell is treated with :wtificial gastric juicc, the delicate punctat i o i i of tho nucleus becomes at first someirhat more distinct, its
more » ... : being slightly rctluccd ; it then bccomes completcly homogcricous, aiid presents tlic apI)mraiicc of a drop of oil. But it soon Iicy$ris to increase agniii rapitllv in volume, loses its brightness, and ljccomcs frothy ; aiid tinally, without a p i n shrinking perceptibly, lias :L sliarp outline, is frothy, yellow, aiid strongly refractive. As soon :is tlic iinclcus increases in sizo and becomes Iiomogcncous, the starchlinxluccrs swcll 111) m1)idly and disappear. T h c Iirotoplasni of the cell bccoriics at the s:tiiie time completcly or partially frothy, tho 1nilJLlcs being tillcd mit,li a clcar yellow fluid. Finally, the bubbles lmrst, :tiid tlrc ccll-~~roti~plitsin clisapIicnrs ; tlic nucleus being enclosed i i i :t vcry clclicntc colourlcss folclctl pclliclc, of somewhat s\wllen :tpjit:itrariw, the rcinaiiis of the p:irict:il layer, the tlircatls, ant1 thc iiiic~lu:ir disk. Aftor 11)iigcr trcatriicnt with gnstric juicc, this rcsitluc (if the protoplasiii Iohcs its swollcn appcarancc, and forms a somcmhat sliiiiiiig pclliclc rouiicl tlic uuclcus, wliicl: undcrgocs no furtlicr * Jahrb. f. wiss. Bot., sii. (ISSI) pp. 237-87. Cll:lllgc. . TTinculntion-res~ivn~~o~. 3. I7~ternaZ respiration. L. subulatum, and the antheridia disposed as in Pleuridium, only more consistent, and in this respect resembling the antheridia of L. subulatum. * Poulsen, V. A., 'Botanisclie Mikrochemie. Eine Ableitung zu phytohistohgischen Untersnch. zum Gebrauch fur Studirende ausgearbeitet. Aus dem Diinischen unter Illitwirkung des Verfassers iiberaetzt von Carl Miiller. xvi. uutl 83 pp. (Yvo, Cassel, 1881.) t Rev. Bryolog., viii. (1881) pp. 20-2.
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