Title: Dhono's Dream Author/s: SK Leishangthem (Trans. by Yumnam Oken Singh

Gyanabati Khuraijam, Yumnam Oken, Singh Yumnam, Oken Singh
2014 Gyanabati An International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences An Indexed & Refereed e-Journal   unpublished
All the beautiful damsels belonged to him. He never wastes time and money; he never goes in pursuit of the lady. To court a woman without her knowledge -there is nothing enjoyable like it. He enjoys the company of beautiful damsels and plays with them in paradise. He enjoys the company of the beauties on top of high mountains and crystal waters below. All these enjoyments come to a heartbreaking parting the moment the lady comes to know of it. The cool breeze burns his skin and the cold water
more » ... nd the cold water cannot cool his burning heart. By the way, you may not see him in a cloudy day without a torch. If he were a woman, without a rich dowry Dhono would remain an old maid.