"Information Flow on Covid-19 During the Pandemic and the Formation of Public Opinion"

Parviz Firudin Oqlu Kazimi
2022 Open Access Journal of Biomedical Science  
Among the streams of scientific and social information in the global information space in 2020-2021, information related to COVID-19 attracted special attention. On the one hand, these information products differed in type, since scientific information products, public opinion, expert opinions, political speeches, and statistical information were widely available on the social network. On the other hand, the reliability of the disseminated information product raises serious questions, which, on
more » ... the one hand, can be aimed at disinformation. Given the complexity of this picture, in this article we will try to classify information products by COVID-19 and focus on the problem of the reliability of statistics in the field of medicine and health, which is of particular importance. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the civilization of the 21 st century has collapsed. As a result, people's access to reliable information has dropped to an even lower level than ever before. The article is intended to classify circulating information products on the topic of COVID-19, to follow the path of statistical information in the field of medicine and health, and also to assess the reliability of information "at the last address." Since we are aware of the diversity of parties who transmit, receive, process and benefit from statistical information, this process must be driven by one stakeholder. If we accept that the reliability of information is a conditional concept, then it is important to determine the criteria for evaluating information.
doi:10.38125/oajbs.000413 fatcat:m2cocvxntfb45eetjm2b66zf2m