When Art Is the Weapon: Culture and Resistance Confronting Violence in the Post-Uprisings Arab World

Mark LeVine
2015 Religions  
This article examines the explosion of artistic production in the Arab world during the so-called Arab Spring. Focusing on music, poetry, theatre, and graffiti and related visual arts, I explore how these "do-it-yourself" scenes represent, at least potentially, a "return of the aura" to the production of culture at the edge of social and political transformation. At the same time, the struggle to retain a revolutionary grounding in the wake of successful counter-revolutionary moves highlights
more » ... moves highlights the essentially "religious" grounding of "committed" art at the intersection of intense creativity and conflict across the Arab world.
doi:10.3390/rel6041277 fatcat:2xkkzml7njejpfrn355jbslom4