The infraction of Treaties in the Hierarchies Legislative ‎Document of Afghanistan

Ahmad Salem Abdullah
2022 Kardan journal of law  
The hierarchy of legal rules is one of the fundamental ‎components of any legal system. In fact, on this basis, the ‎status and credibility of each rule are defined and determined ‎, and the possibility of monitoring and evaluating the regular ‎and coordinated regularly function of the legal system, ‎especially through the judicial force. In the Afghan legal ‎system, the basic issue of international treaties in the ‎hierarchy of legal rules can be contemplated, because ‎according to Article 95
more » ... f the constitution of the international ‎treaties after approval in the National Council and during its ‎legal procedures, according to the law of treaties and the ‎covenants, it is also known as the rule of law in the ruling of ‎the law in order of the law in the rules of Afghanistan. ‎Although in the event of a contradiction between treaties and ‎ordinary law, Article 14 of the laws of the treaties and ‎covenants of Afghanistan can be implemented. According to ‎Article 7 of the Constitution, which requires compliance with ‎international treaties in Afghanistan and the Government of ‎Afghanistan is required to comply with them, and compliance ‎with Article 31 of the Civil Code in the hierarchy of legal rules, ‎International treaties are recognized as inferior to the ‎Constitution and above ordinary law.‎
doi:10.31841/kjl.2022.12 fatcat:rs2ju5zumfan7mxfqv7gcp6bti