Fan Noise Prediction and Control Research of Turbofan Engine

2017 The 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Energy and Power Systems (IEPS 2017)   unpublished
This research aims to study the acoustic noise prediction and control of turbofan engine fan. In this paper, a thin-body BEM/FW-H method is developed to efficiently predict the propagation of fan sound wave in the duct. It is a hybrid method combining computational aeroacoustics with Boundary Element Method (BEM). And two main geometry parameters are modified to investigate the noise reduction of turbofan engine fan by using the numerical prediction method. The acoustic performance of different
more » ... rmance of different modification tasks is discussed. These results verify the efficiency of design parameters modification to reduce acoustic noise of turbofan engine fan.
doi:10.23977/ieps.2017.1029 fatcat:ifbqsut2srhi5bkqs7pfvdthoq