Molecular beam epitaxy growth of superconducting Sr2RuO4 films

M. Uchida, M. Ide, H. Watanabe, K. S. Takahashi, Y. Tokura, M. Kawasaki
2017 APL Materials  
We report growth of superconducting Sr2RuO4 films by oxide molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Careful tuning of the Ru flux with an electron beam evaporator enables us to optimize growth conditions including the Ru/Sr flux ratio and also to investigate stoichiometry effects on the structural and transport properties. The highest onset transition temperature of about 1.1 K is observed for films grown in a slightly Ru-rich flux condition in order to suppress Ru deficiency. The realization of
more » ... cting Sr2RuO4 films via oxide MBE opens up a new route to study the unconventional superconductivity of this material.
doi:10.1063/1.5007342 fatcat:7qg7yo3gkfaknha3j4jnawlkhe