Agricultural Inventions

1886 Scientific American  
This device consists of a novel construction and combination of parts, whereby the cars will be coupled automatically when run together, aud can be readily uucoupled, while It is simple in construction, strong, and not liable to get out of order. A railway switch has been patented by Mr. John T. Rider, of South Oil City, Pa. It is so made that the front wheel of an approaching train presses down the inner end of a dog, which withdraws a latch, when by another dog the switch is automatically
more » ... s automatically thrown, while it will remain tocked for switching or shunting trains moving about the switch. A steam boiler has been patented by Mr. Micheal E. Herbert, of St. Joseph, Mo. It has base sections, each with vertical sid� and end chambers, a horizontal crC!)wn sheet chamber communicating with the side chamber at a point below its upper end, with various other novel means of forming the water space into a number of chambers. A feed water regulator has been patent ed by Mr. Leonard P. Foss, of Kalamazoo, Mich. It oonsists of a varve inserted in the boiler feed pipe and operated by a fi oat working in a chamber connected with the boiler above and below the water line, and is calculated to always maintain a uniform water level in the boiler.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03061886-153a fatcat:64moifasvvcrjo6gcco5b46vpi