A Classification of Leprosy Foot Deformities

1964 Leprosy Review  
SECTION r The term 'plantar ulcer' was introduced by PRICE (5) in T959 and was defined as 'a chronic ulceration of the anaesthetic sole of the fo ot, situated in well defined areas overlying bony p rominences, resistant to local or systemic therapy, and characterised by a marked tenden c y to recurrence'. This defini tion is the result of careful empi ric studies. Properly in terpreted, treatment and prevention may be deduced from it by the application of simple biological fac ts. The great
more » ... nces in our understanding of the aetidogy and natural history of plantar ulcers in leprosy which we have seen during t he last , relatively fe w years, have been brought about by an application of the knowled g e gained in other diseases with neural damage, and from careful studies of the static and dynamic fo rces at play in the normal and diseased fo ot ( 1 5 6 7 8 1 3 ) . " , , , . Based on this understanding a therapy has been developed, which shows a close relationship to the simple biological treatment of war casualties, developed by TRUETA ( 1 5) , and CHIEWITZ ( 3 ), which is standard knowledge .
doi:10.5935/0305-7518.19640046 fatcat:7blsvzc4n5e3farswdxcyd4g24