Conflict of Interest in the Administrative Contracts in Albania

Adriatik Llalla, Fjorida Ballauri
2016 European Scientific Journal  
In Albania the issue of conflict of interest is present at today's public debate, as in many other countries. Due to this phenomenon, public funds, state property, public service, etc., are at risk at any time, and therefore there is obligation of the state to establish the appropriate legal instruments to prevent such situations. In principle, while exercising official duties and functions, the elected person or the public official should not be influenced by personal interests. In this sense,
more » ... through actions, inactions or decisions, they cannot gain benefits or advantages for themselves, their family members, relatives or other persons, in case they share economic or political interests with them. In Albania, the domestic legislation provides restrictions and prohibitions for several private interests of the officials exercising public functions, depending on their functions, responsibilities and competencies in public decision-making. Also, the law provides specific prohibitions and restrictions in cases of entering into administrative contracts, considering a contract as a special public decision, which is vulnerable to be damaged by the action of officials' private interests. This paper aims to make an analysis of the legislation in terms of restrictions of private interests of public officials to prevent specific cases of conflict of interest while concluding administrative contracts. Also, the paper leads to conclusions on how conflict of interest is related to other criminal offences like abuse of office, corruption or violation of equality of participants in public tenders or auctions etc.
doi:10.19044/esj.2016.v12n34p182 fatcat:l4ucurozhzakbfb55r4bnipjuy