The Meaning of Decalcomania in Art Education

Atsushi Sumi
This paper is a result of a collaborated project of attached schools and the faculty of Human Development of the University of Toyama "Skills acquired through art education with links of kindergarten, elementary school and junior high school" from 2012. Firstly we review decalcomania technique in art historical context. Secondly we look at decalcomania practice in previous researches, technique manuals and textbooks in Japanese art education. Thirdly we describe our decalcomania practice in
more » ... ergarten, elementary, junior high and high school (Specialized vocation high school) so as to present the universal value of this technique in art education. Finally we analyze type of painting action of decalcomania at different degree to see the change through development stages. As a result decalcomania is valuable for art education sine it may provide broad expression than realistic sketching practice. And it makes children and students confident of their art expression. This reconfirms its educational value that was pointed out in 1960's.