Hepatoprotective efficacy of Grewia asiatica fruit against oxidative stress in swiss albino mice

K Sharma, R Sisodia, Krishna Sharma
The radioprotective effect of Grewia asiatica fruit (GAE) which contains anthocyanin type cyanidin 3-glucoside, vitamin C, A, minerals, carotenes and dietary fibers etc was studied. Materials and Methods: For study Swiss albino mice were divided into five groups-1. Control (vehicle treated) 2. GAE treated (700 mg / Kg. b.wt / day for fifteen days), 3. Irradiated (5 Gy), 4. GAE + Irradiated and 5. Irradiated + GAE treated. Results: The irradiation of animals resulted in a significant depletion
more » ... the DNA and RNA level at all intervals studied viz 1-30 days in comparison to control group. Treatment of mice with GAE before and after irradiation caused a significant elevation in liver DNA and RNA level in comparison to irradiated mice. Photomicrograph of liver histology also showed that pre and post supplementation of GAE provides protection against radiation. Similarly counting of different type hepatocytes also showed that GAE protect the liver against radiation. Conclusion: Thus biochemical and histopathological results proves that GAE has the potential against radiation. Iran. J. Radiat. Res., 2010; 8 (2): 75­85