Mariіa М. Astafieva, Dmytro M. Bodnenko, Volodymyr V. Proshkin
2019 Ìnformacìjnì Tehnologì ì Zasobi Navčannâ  
The article proved that critical thinking is one of the most important and universal competences of a modern teacher of mathematics. It has been established that geometric disciplines, in particular constructive and projective geometries, have the greatest potential for this. The pedagogical technology of critical thinking formation of future teachers of mathematics by means of geometry has been developed. This technology consists of a target, content and legal, and control component. It was
more » ... omponent. It was found out that the essential element of the technology at all stages (substantive and procedural, control and evaluation etc.) is the purposeful computer support, first of all, the use of computer tools for mathematical activity and communication. The possibilities of information and communication technologies have been disclosed. An expediency of computer support within the process formation of critical thinking of future teachers of mathematics has been proved. There are systems of dynamic geometry and cloud services, which help to make the process of critical thinking formation of future teachers of mathematics more effective by means of geometry. This is the visualization of geometric objects, concepts, connections (in particular, expressed by analytical constructs), statements, proofs; dynamic drawings; computer experiment for research (nomination and hypothesis testing); control of analytical transformations; fast and high-quality execution of necessary images that saves time; interactive tasks generation; providing unlimited communication. The implementation analysis of the developed technology by means of mathematical methods, in particular, on the basis of the theory of fuzzy sets, has been carried out. The effectiveness of computer support of the formation of critical thinking of future mathematics teachers by means of geometry has been revealed.
doi:10.33407/itlt.v71i3.2449 fatcat:wnkqlty42rcitnqr3z5kaj7xby