Constructive axiomatic approach to spacetime torsion

J Audretsch, C Lammerzahl
1988 Classical and quantum gravity  
The EPS scheme of constructive axiomatics for the spacetime geometry leads to a Weyl structure. Torsion cannot be introduced by this method but will be obtained in the following by enlarging the axiomatics. If spacetime geometry is what prescribes the respective trajectories to the light rays and freely falling particles, and the propagation to the spin of these particles, then spacetime is a manifold with a Weyl-Cartan structure with a totally antisymmetric contorsion. If one combines the
more » ... e combines the non-operational demand for a unified geometrical description of all three types of physical propagation processes into one universal affine geometry, then spacetime reduces to a Weyl-Cartan space with a totally antisymmetric contorsion. ' r For a discussion of the equivalence principle and particularly of the minimal coupling in Riemann-Cartan space, see [lo, 111.
doi:10.1088/0264-9381/5/10/008 fatcat:3lku5bgh3nc3plbbzyje4gpbua