The benefits of an anthropological approach in modern management sciences research [chapter]

Alicja Kowalska
2020 Contemporary organisation and management. Challenges and trends  
Introduction The first half of the XXI century is marked by a very dynamic technological revolution. As a result, the business sector in its broader sense faces new challenges in its environment -such as growing globalization, cyber sciences, artificial intelligence and FinTech development. All those changes influence significantly human attitudes, beliefs, values and relations, which has a meaningful impact on their behaviour and needs, including in the workplace. It inspires some visionaries
more » ... ike Jurgen Appelo to create new leadership models based on teamwork, belief in individual engagement and agile attitudes built on constant improvement. The question that arises for a scientist in such demanding times is how to best understand, describe and analyse new phenomena in management sciences in order to make them useful for the efficiency of a modern organization and applicable for its complex goals. The aim of this article is to present how anthropological approaches to the culture can contribute to current research in organization and management studies. The author intends to highlight the multiple benefits in using this methodology, both for theoretical and applied management science. This paper is divided into four parts. The first goal is to show how the current socio-economic changes challenge management sciences research. The second presents how the methodological framework is responding to these changes. The third part illustrates when and why anthropological orientation appeared in organizational studies and the final one points out the importance of anthropological approaches in management sciences research in modern times. http://dx.How do new managerial models and socio-economic change impact the methodology of management sciences? The author aims to answer how best to describe and analyse the challenges of modern organization and their management system in light of the needs and expectations of employees. The goal of this article is to emphasize the necessity and the benefits of an anthropological approach in management sciences research. The author will present the concepts and methods of social, business and corporate anthropology as a framework for the scientific exploration of the technological revolution that influences various levels of human mentality and attitudes in a workplace.
doi:10.18778/8220-333-2.09 fatcat:bzdjwg7rdvg33i4qhc2vj5uq3q