General and physical chemistry

1885 Journal of the Chemical Society Abstracts  
Refractive Indices of Condensed Gases. By J. DECHANT Monatsh. C l t m . , 5, [615][616][617][618][619][620][621][622][623][624][625][626]. --If ?i = 1-374, with a variation of 0.00114 for each degree C, and of liquid chlorine n = 1.385 with a variation of 0.00098 for each degree C. For hydrogen persulphide, whose refractive index is greater than that of glass, a slightly different method is used, based on the principle of the primary rainbow, the angle of incidence being so arranged that the
more » ... rranged that the rays are totally reflected at the surface of the glass aiid air. The value found is = 1.546 for the conditions above mentioned. V. H. V. View Article Online C6H603 (diss.) + 2Br2 (diss.) = 2HBr (diss.) + C,H,03 (diss.) + 3Br2 (diss.) = 3HBr(diss.) + Resorcinol, C6H602 (diss.) + 3Br, (diss.) = 3HBr (diss.) f Catechol, C6H602 (diss.) + Bra (diss.) = H B r (diss.) + C6H,0, (diss.) + 2Brz (diss.) = 2HBr (diss.) + C6H6Oz(diSS.) + 3Br2 (diss.) = 3HBr (diss.) + Develops
doi:10.1039/ca8854800621 fatcat:j6ibneiobrhkndvw5qdzao6fzu