Sensor for Silver(I) Ion Based on Schiff-base-p-tertbutylcalix[4]arene

R. Mahajan, Inderpreet Kaur, V. Sharma, M. Kumar
2002 Sensors  
The preparation of polymer membrane selective to silver ion and its application to ion-selective electrode is reported here. PVC membrane contain silver-selective calix[4]arene derivative as ionophore. The membrane electrode is highly selective to silver ion and exhibit good linear response over a wide concentration range of 1.0×10 -1 to 1.0×10 -5 M AgNO 3 with Nernstian slope of 58.9 mV per decade. The detection limit of electrode is 6.31×10 -6 M .The calix[4]arene based membrane electrode
more » ... brane electrode exhibit enhanced selectivities for silver ion over other cations; log K Pot Ag,Na = -2.35, log K Pot Ag,K = -2.65, log K Pot Ag,Mg = -4.57, log K Pot Ag,Ba = -4.10, log K Pot Ag,Cd = -3.42, log K Pot Ag,Pb = -3.45.Even the strongest interferent Hg 2+ do not interfere to great extent, log K Pot Ag,Hg = -2.0.The electrode response is stable over wide pH range of 1.0-6.0. The response time of the sensor is 30 seconds and the membrane can be used for more than 6 months without observing any divergence. The sensor can also be applied as an indicator electrode for potentiometric titration of Ag + ions with Cl -. It is possible to determine Ag(I) in the natural water spiked with silver with this electrode assembly.
doi:10.3390/s21000417 fatcat:gyyquj26vndnfmumznq6x7zjmi