Sugar calculations

J. F. Liverseege
1921 The Analyst  
A PUBLIC ANALYST in the examination of Substances containing sugars has to use constants and equations. The following notes are the results of an attempt, by selection and calculation, to obtain a set of data that is clear and consistent. SPECIFIC ROTATORY PowER.-There are ambiguities in published specific rotatory powers owing to authors failing to state the temperature and concentration of the solutions used, and sometimes it is not clear whether the sugar was anhydrous or contained water of
more » ... contained water of crystallisation. In some cases results given by various authorities differ considerably, and the selection of the best value has been difficult. Thie particularly applies to lsvulose and invert sugar. The value for invert sugar should be half the algebraic sum of those of levulose and dextrose. The selected values for sugars are given h the table on p. 450. In practice it is a convenience to apply the term '( specific rotatory power " not only to pure sugars, but also to mixed substances such as treacle.
doi:10.1039/an9214600446 fatcat:fzb2kg3p7fdkxg7o2j7byzjze4