Potential for Use of Foreign Experience in Evaluation of Strategic Sustainability of Enterprises Relating to Transition of Russia's Economy to Strategic Path of Development

Galina P. Dovlatyan, Elena I. Makeeva, Natalia T. Oboymova, Elvira Y. Cherkesova
2015 Asian Social Science  
In this article, foreign experience of the rivals is studied, modern condition of national economy and strategic priorities of Russian producers are considered, which is a necessary step for internal and external development of industrial market. Russia's economy, possessing a substantial part of global resources, unfortunately, has a limited number of perspective sectors and occupies a low-profile place in the global distribution of labor. The authors researched the world experience in the
more » ... perience in the increase of sustainable and strategic development of industrial enterprises in the context of its adaptation to Russia's conditions. The authors present their evaluation of strategic sustainability of industrial enterprises of Rostov Oblast in the industrial landscape of Russia and reveal the strategic priorities of corporate planning, as a vector of perfecting institutional instruments for ensuring strategic sustainability of industry in Rostov Oblast. Keywords: regional economy, strategic development of a sector, enterprises, foreign experience General theoretical issues of studying competitive development are viewed in the works of Gamble P., Cotler F., Merlene P., Porter М., Tailor S., Hayek F. Scientific analysis of institutional economy and institutional approaches to development of various institutions is reflected in the works of Veblen T., Lakatos I., Nort D., Hodgons J. Research on strategic management of industrial enterprises are reflected in the scientific works of Russian scientists: Andreev A, Vesnin V., Husyev Y., Egorov D., Ivanov E., Kuznetsov E., Nerovnya T., Ragimov F., Fatkhutdinov R., Faskhiev K. It should be noted that among the scientists that try to find a scientific answer to real challenges of modernization of Russian industry are the following: Aganbegyan A.
doi:10.5539/ass.v11n20p56 fatcat:rz7szb43ozb7bcorz2g7czsb5u