Shape understanding by contour-driven retiling

M. Attene, S. Biasotti, M. Spagnuolo
2003 The Visual Computer  
Given a triangle mesh representing a closed manifold surface of arbitrary genus, a method is proposed to automatically extract the Reeb graph of the manifold with respect to the height function. The method is based on a slicing strategy that traces contours while inserting them directly in the mesh as constraints. Critical areas, which identify isolated and non-isolated critical points of the surface, are recognized and coded in the extended Reeb graph (ERG). The remeshing strategy guarantees
more » ... at topological features are correctly maintained in the graph, and the tiling of ERG nodes reproduces the original shape at a minimal, but topologically correct, geometric level.
doi:10.1007/s00371-002-0182-y fatcat:cafdu3oc6fb2zjs45f5p5yavmq