Design for System Safety Analysis of the Aircraft Braking System Having Normal and Emergency Wheel Braking

Rolwyn Marian Cardoza, RV college of engineering
2020 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
The technology is improving at a faster pace when it comes to aerospace and defense sector, this is leading to the increase in complexity of the modern system. The defense expenditure is estimated to reach US $1.9 trillion by 2020 and the commercial aircraft market is expected to reach $872 million in 2020 if there wasn't pandemic. But it is seen, lot of accidents occur during Rejected Take-off and landing phases. Any failure of the Brake system at these phases causes high speed excursion of
more » ... eed excursion of the aircraft leading to casualties of crew, occupants and damage to the aircraft. In this context many works have focused on different safety methods on different systems but very little to none research has been done in system safety of the aircraft braking system having normal and emergency wheel braking using isograph reliability workbench tool for part 25 airplane. The objective of the work is to preform System safety analysis for the Aircraft braking system following ARP 4761 and ARP 4754A and the sensitivity analysis of the 3 architectures. It is concluded architecture 1 is the better choice since there are no single failures present in most of the failure conditions except for partial loss of the normal wheel braking but it is shown compliance to 14CFR 25.735 (b)(1), the complexity of architecture 1 is lesser than architecture 3 and there is no single failure such as main shuttle valve in architecture 2. The architecture 3 is better choice over the 2 architectures 1 and 2 for uncommanded failure conditions, which occurs due to the malfunction of the LRU's present, because of the presence of multiple BSCU which improves the possibility of failures. Keywords-Aircraft MLG Brake system; Normal and Emergency wheel braking; ARP 4761; ARP 4754A; I.
doi:10.17577/ijertv9is060941 fatcat:ayin6475wngdjhyxirfkhoo7qe