Maryland Gazette and Political Intelligencer July 1816

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H»id Silkl, * bray Whit. ". Burlap* s luu. foihersHickslsf e] OKRlfcg. Old Hpe*. * 87100, Hr Skin. « kixl C. IT. of its CbocatesT IONUKHY. IV.ldmn'. Donbl Kcylht*. Stock tiptioni, kc he. ' tut Prico-lor Cub i >r about the ttth , *<> mo ninv mlou Turner, Ul«] . George W. Hii (I County. U* »f eg*, fire feet, I iah, gr«y eyes,; id on when he si fur'd hat. a bU>«( a laig* eatt;h«l yilh liim. Loads*] iter and joiner; Ss ] » or four caJldttB, | r. Richd Higgle*. 1 vcrm en V CorporaHon of the
more » ... June \\tlt, 1816. ,1 ttx TmCurrr be and kjfMa hereby authlUlc* and directed t» caofr fgit to be illued agaimteach >nul*criber,living In Ann* Apindtl tnuniy, on the 4'h diy ol Ju«. A JVV^ro .)'"»« ' Kimrd HARRY BLUE, about Iwenw »'.» yrart old. about five fwcfweorin iarhMfeirV; *hr» ipoken 10, he i« rtfhtr >ut«r«M ^ » >tweniig i he hu loii on* of hi» uwrr tt^y. h» very ihiek flpi »nd wry'Utgr kdhtri,'n; 'd lurniliii frrt out v«ry much, Iti » larjr ><«r on one of hi* «rm». li l» nr«babU li# * -II tht*gt< liii nimc He IOOK with him '-" |»ir ol ozn»burf( ifowwrn. and two Hiirt> > f the tame one blac* coat, an old fur hat. o"f lilut rciundtbont jacket and imwwra 1 will jlv« forty it'll* It taken In Ualtimnn c^iihty, nrtwtittjf live if taken in Annt-AnindH county, and all re»fon>lit.-cipcnrei, if M«*t honx to th* Fr<«u)ent Yam, «rilli>« a NIT a mile of A«n*j)oU» i or the abuvc revt/4 it' todMd In uil.
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