Evaluation of quality and nursing skills in emergency department

Yekkeh Fallah, L Msn
Nurses are the largest and most important group in health system and play clear role. Nowadays, emphasis on health promotion and considering client as a whole clears attention to quality of nursing care. On the other hand increased knowledge of clients regarding health care made the demand for satisfactory nursing services. Therefore, it is necessary for nurses to achieve and improve their nursing skills. Meanwhile, emergency ward nurses must be professional with a wide information and skills,
more » ... dequate speed in performing techniques, decision making power and also triaging clients. Objective: In attention to the importance of medical and technical skills for nurses in emergency wards, the present study was conducted to determine the level of quality and skill of nurses in emergency wards of selected center in Iran medical university in 2004. Methods: The sample of this descriptive study consisted of employed nurses in emergency ward of Imam Hassan Hospital. The data collection instrument consisted of two check lists related to nursing procedures and following triage in emergency. Data was collected through observation. Scores obtained were classified in four divisions of weak, moderate, good and very good and finally were analyzed through SPSS. Results: Finding showed that skill in dressing (94%), IV start (92%), NG tube (94%) and charting (93.2%) were in very good range. But skill in NG tube technique (84%) and triage (78.3%) were in good range and skill in vital sign measurement (72.3%) was in moderate range. Also the time for the first nursing service was two minutes. Conclusion: In attention to the importance of proper triage and since this skill was in good range, it is better to improve it through intervention and continuing education because similar studies showed that proper triage effects two level of patient and their families, satisfaction.