Automated conjecturing I: Fajtlowicz's Dalmatian heuristic revisited

C.E. Larson, N. Van Cleemput
2016 Artificial Intelligence  
We discuss a new implementation of, and new experiments with, Fajtlowicz's Dalmatian conjecture-making heuristic. Our program makes conjectures about relations of real number invariants of mathematical objects. Conjectures in matrix theory, number theory, and graph theory are reported, together with an experiment in using conjectures to automate game play. The program can be used in a way that, by design, advances mathematical research. These experiments suggest that automated conjecture-making
more » ... can be a useful ability in the design of machines that can perform a variety of tasks that require intelligence.
doi:10.1016/j.artint.2015.10.002 fatcat:gu6kvb5ajzh6nldfcmu2qgnqbe