Literary communication: from semiotic models to a theory of linguistic aesthetics
Художественная коммуникация: от семиотических моделей к лингвоэстетической теории

Vladimir V. Feshchenko
2021 Slovo ru Baltic accent  
The article explores literary communication as one of the types of linguistic communica­tion. The main objective is to develop a linguo-aesthetic model of literary communication based on the models of the sign, semiosis and communication adopted in linguistics, semiotics and poetics. The author employs semiotic methods of modelling the sign and communication, developed in the works of Frege, Peirce, Shpet, Mukařovsky, Jakobson, Lotman, Eco, Novikov, and Zolyan. The emphasis is laid on the
more » ... of the sign and the corresponding models of semiosis in relation to literary systems. The concept of literary communication is given a new definition; it refers to the interaction of the author as an artist and the reader (viewer, listen­er) through a message or an utterance as a work of art. A correlation is established between the structure of the literary sign and the structure of the act of literary communication. The linguo-aesthetic model of artistic communication reflects the correspondence between types of literary signs and elements of communication.
doi:10.5922/2225-5346-2021-1-1 fatcat:eg7taneq3bhhfkkimxfmj34ua4