Implementation of High-Performance Blockchain Network Based on Cross-Chain Technology for IoT Applications

Ting Lin, Xu Yang, Taoyi Wang, Tu Peng, Feng Xu, Shengxiong Lao, Siyuan Ma, Hanfeng Wang, Wenjiang Hao
2020 Sensors  
With the development of technology, the network structure has changed a lot. Many people regard the Internet of Things as the next-generation network structure, which means all the embedded devices can communicate with each other directly. However, some problems remain in IoT before it can be applied in a large scale. Blockchain, which has become a hot research topic in recent years, may be one of the solutions. However, currently, the transaction speed of blockchain is still a disadvantage
more » ... ared to traditional transaction methods. This paper focuses on to implement a high-performance blockchain platform. After investigation of the current blockchain consensus algorithm and blockchain architecture, we propose: (1) an improved blockchain consensus algorithm, which is implemented based on the mortgage model instead of probability model; (2) a cross-chain protocol with transverse expansion capacity, which would support the message transmission among chains; (3) a high-performance cross-chain blockchain network structure, which could handle more than 1000 transactions per second per chain by verification. Experiments have been carried out, and shown that the cross-chain blockchain network structure we provided is feasible to meet the requirement of large-scale distributed IoT applications.
doi:10.3390/s20113268 pmid:32521762 fatcat:iqy5zdtoszfkjnyhbkugf7g6zy