A teoria do contorno como uma das ferramentas de construção de uma performance do Sexteto - seis prelúdios e um enigma de Francisco Mignone - apontamentos de um camerista [thesis]

Alexandre Fontainha Ficarelli
The Sextet -Seis prelúdios e um enigma [six preludes and a enigma] by Francisco Mignone was selected as theme because it is a work that is not well known and deserves to be rescued. A digitalized version was realized in order to diffuse it. The work is in atonal language, but also uses chromaticism, and sometimes modal language. The new vocabulary that emerged since the beginning of the 20 th century requires specific premises of the interpreter. The surface contour will be investigated using
more » ... nvestigated using Michael Friedmann's Contour Theory in order to produce melodic intelligibility as well as the ability to interrelate the studied material, which is fundamental in structuring a performance. Interpreters must use their knowledge and appropriate analytical techniques that allow for searching potentially significant elements for the purpose of constructing a performance, as well as aspects of traditional analysis which contribute to building a meaningful and grounded performance in respect to the structural elements of the work. The dialogues between analysis and performance contributed greatly to the understanding of the process. The adoption of a new tool such as Contour Theory helped me as an interpreter to identify events that seemed unrelated in the structure. Some parameters are not identifiable without the theory; theory represents a practical tool for the interpreter. A careful and selective analysis focused on performance and the research of biography and writing influences provided a comprehensive understanding of the work.
doi:10.11606/d.27.2014.tde-26052015-110906 fatcat:jyzxih6mnzbj5bxbewdponckam