Role of Algae in Skin Benefits: An Alternative to Chemical Cosmetics

Akida G Chauhan, Nayan D Prajapati, Vatsal Joshi, Kalp P Oza
Nowadays, in order to get fair skin, to get protection from the sun, to moisturize skin, to get glow on the face and prevent the wrinkling and aging cosmetics are used by the people. According to certain research reports, algal products used in cosmeceuticals have been known to be suitable alternatives with constructive effect even after prolonged usage. Many algal species have the antiwrinkling, anti-aging, photo protection, whitening agents which are widely used in the cosmetics. This review
more » ... asically focuses on the applications of the algal components extracted from macro marine algal species for its use in the cosmetics.
doi:10.31080/asmi.2022.05.1031 fatcat:dfxq67p2ybe2lccbm7563i63dm