Multi-Frequency Study Of Relativistic Jets In Active Galactic Nuclei

Kirill Sokolovsky, Andreas Eckart, J. Anton Zensus
2011 Zenodo  
The thesis at hand presents the results of multi-frequency Very Long Baseline Interfer- ometry (VLBI) observations of jets associated with active galactic nuclei. The results are discussed in the context of broad-band jet emission models and used to constrain physical properties of the parsec-scale core – inner part of the jet which is likely related to the observed high-energy emission. The analysis of the frequency-dependent core position shift supports interpretation of the parsec-core as
more » ... integral part of the jet; the observed core position is determined by opacity. Synchrotron self-absorption is found to be the dominating opacity mechanism in the observed sources. A comparison between radio sources possessing jets aligned closely to the line of sight with those aligned at large angles to it supports the idea that the bright extragalactic γ-ray sources are associated with jets affected by relativistic beaming.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1003165 fatcat:bkgkqp5kwbhbpgqm42tdfnnj5i