The Sad Songs of the Subaltern Subordinates

Shanmathi, Ms Sridevi
The heartless hunger game of marginalization battles the downtrodden people who are socially and economically low. On the basis of race, caste and gender people are completely excluded from the world. The Subalterns are entirely imprisoned by the inequality. They are branded as marginalized in the society. The rights and opportunities are always gifted to the high ranked people. In India and America, the inferior ranked people face marginalization based on caste, class and race. Bitter truth is
more » ... ce. Bitter truth is the gender-based suppression is existing all around the world. The extremely alienated and unnoticed community in the world is said to be the third gender called transgender. Here, the paper highlights the pain experienced by the subaltern people. The Indian Dalits, the coloured Americans and transgender are sailing in the same boat termed subalterns. In order to acquire the equal rights and recognition from the society, the main aim of this paper is to delineate the violence and adversities faced by the subjugated. Marginalization is found to be a ceaseless practice in all around the world. In a society a particular set of people is always separated from the common people. An individual or a clan who are below the margin level is termed as subalterns. The subalterns are being humiliated on the basis of class, caste, race and gender. The Government schemes and policies did not satisfy them, they long for the equal rights and respect in the society. The coloured people are suppressed by the whites, the Dalits are oppressed by the upper caste people and the transgender community is completely ignored by the entry world. The subalterns penned down their agonies and frustration in their poetry. They kept writing as a tool, to pour out their subjective and objective feelings. People may differ according to the race, caste, class, country and culture, but the humiliation faced by them is the same. Meena Kandasamy is an Indian poet, translator, novelist and activist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her works focuses on the exploitation of lower caste people in India and feminism. The pathetic condition of the Dalits, influenced her to eradicate the caste system through her immortal writings. Through her poems, it is understood that Dalit women are facing the brutal oppression more than their men. "Narration" her poem depicts about the cruel landlord who exploited a lower caste woman. This poetry reflects the voice of a Dalit woman who is seduced by an upper caste landlord. The rape victim questions everyone that, how she could be a Non-Dalit only during the time of rape.