The "therm" system of charging for gas

William Pope
1922 Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry  
REVIEW B microscopc indicates that it lias tho structure of n suspcnsoid. On still slowcr cooling pcarlite i0 obtnincd nnd tho structuro rccnlls very strongly tho plicnomcnon of pcriodic prccipitation. Pig. 8 slio\vs the Licsegnng rings obtnincd by tho prccipitntion of silrcr cliroinnto in gclntin. Tlicso rccnll tlic nppcnrnncc of pcnrlitc in R wry strilting iunnncr. We see, tlicrcfore, t l i n t col1oid:il clicmistry gircs nii csplan n t' ion of tho rcnson for tlic prculinr lniiiiiintcil
more » ... turo of pcnrlitc, nn cxFlnnation \diicli will liold good for nll otlicr cntcctics. It is unfortun:itc tlint tho ultrniiiicroscopc docs iiot lend itsclf to tlic study of nlloys, but ns pointed out cnrlicr, otlirr inctliorls nrc nwilnblc, nnd no doubt adnintngc will hc tnltrn of tlicin in t.iino to fuid out if that wliicli nt tho prcscnt tiiuc is nicrciy conjccturc cnn be dcmonstrntcd by cspcrimcnt. S tlie rcsult of ii view csprcsscd by tlic! k'ucl Hcscttrcli Bonrtl soiiic ycnrs iigo, A thc Chs C'onipnics iiow scll gns by tlic '* tlicnu " ; the coiisiiiiicr is tlllis chi\rgcd t i t a fisctl rntc for cncli 100,OOO British Tlicriniil Units obtninnblc I)y burning tlic gas. Sincc c o d gcts is uscd ns R source of ciwrgy, i t sccnis Imt just tlitit i t slioultl bc sold on nn cncrgy lxisis, nntl that its cost slioultl bc fiscd by sucli ns Iicnt, 0btiIili;iblc from i t ; tlic licilt unit of ti tlicrni is quitc II suitnblc oiic to use. 'l'lic iicw riictliocl of clinrging for gns replaccs tlic forriicr oiic in \vliicli it cliilrgc pcr 1000 cubic fcct \VIlS 1nc1tlc ; to chnrgc for gris by vO1lllllcl without ddiiiiiig its Iicatiiig vnluc, is just ns rcnsonablc as i t would be to ecll milk by tlic pint witliout liiiiitiiig tlic nniount of wntcr wliicli iiiiglit be iitldcd to i t before tlic snlc. Tliat i t is iiiorc rntioiial to cliiirgc for gnu by the tlierin tlinn by tlic loo0 cubic fcct is riot to bc doubtctl. To-tluy, I~o\vcvcr, tlic tlnily Pressiiiirl notnbly tlic f h i l y dloiI-is snitl to bc iiiundiited with coinplaints to tlic cffect tlint t Iic ncw motlc of clinrging for g ;~ liiis rcsultctl i i i iin incrcnsc? in tlic gas bills i d in an illcgitiini;tc profit to tho produciiig conipniiics. \\Tliilst cntircly iigrcciiig tlitit to clinrgc by tlic thcrni iiiurlrs t~ distinct nd\wicc, I 11111 inclined to thinlc that tlic gns undcr.tnkings Iiitvc nindc n most uiifortunntc clioicc of tlic tinio lit \vIiicIi to niakc tlic clitingc. The rising coal iiinrkct and tlic Iicuvy cspcnsc ci\uscd to tho giis-iiinking intiustry by tlic c o d strilrc of liist yciir grci;tly iiicraisctl iiiiiiiiif:ieturiiig costs. \\'Iiilst tlic sclliiig price of gns is now uiicloubtctlly falliiig tliroiigliout tlic country, i t is fairly ccrL:iiii tliat in most ciiscs tlic prico is liiglicr to-(lily tlian it ~1 1 o i i I d be ; tlic consuiiicr of giis, ~l i o often u l i d t w d~i i i ( I H nihitlicr tliu volunie 1101' tlii9 ciicrgy unit, will not be content until tlie r r~f~w n c c to the illllount of Sollle form of Cllcrgy, A a sum total of his gas bill in nioticy~npprosimates inorc ncnrly to prc-war figures. Thc nttcmpts wliicli I i n w been niado to populnrisc tlic tlicrni by public advcrtiscnient linvc probably not s c r \ d tlicir purpose bccausc tho nnnounccruciits nrc coiiclictl in tcrms incomprclicnsiblc to tliosc mlin linvc not rcccivcd tlic rritliincnts of n scicntilic ctlucntion. It lins bccn stntccl rcccntly in thc litcrntiirc of gnu tcclinology that modifications nrc now being niadc in tlic existing gns-nictcr rcgistcr so tlint tlic gas user may rend liis consuiuptioii dircctly in tlicrins ; this will I)c bettcr npprccintcd tlinn long disscrtntions csplnnntory of tlic tlicrni. It might even bc well if, until this inodificd register is univcrsally inst:illcd, gas undcrtnlriiigs wcrc to indicntc upon tlicir gas bills tho coiisuinption not only in tlicrnis but also in cubic fcct, so tlint tlic public could ninlte direct coiuparisons with tlicir g n u nccouiits of prcvious qunrtcrs ; this would obvintc tlic ncctl for n cnlcultitioii tlic nnturc of whicli is not univcrsnlly iuidcrstood. Naturally, i t slioultl tic insistcd tlint cqunl proniincncc is givcn t o the niiiiibcr of thcnns niid of cubic feet, niid to tlic cost of cncli of tlie two units, tlic thcrru niid tlic 1000 cubic fcct. GRS lcgislntioii of 1920 iiiiiy linrc becii faulty in defining tlic iiictliods 1)s' wliich stand:;rrl basic priccs, divithids pcrniissiblc, ctc. nrc to be fiscd, but upon this nspcct of tlic qucstioii 1 iini not prcpnrcd to write. It is of tlic grciltcst iiuportancc, liowxw-, t lint tlic progress nindc by tlic Pucl Itcscnrcli I<onrd, in instituting tlic snlc of gas upon n licnt basis, should not bc prcjudiccd by rstrnncous factors ; i t scciiis liiglily desirnblc tlint tlic Uonrtl of Tradc slioultl cnll for a n iiiquiry into tlic qucstion for tlic purpose of tlcfiiiiiig tlic iiiiturc of tliosc factors which linvc nriscii fortuitously but which untloubtcdly opcrtitc ngiiinst tlic popularity of n distinct ntlvniicc, that, nnmcly, of sccuring by Icgislntivo action tlio mcrchnntiiig of gas on the bnsis, iiot of its bulk, but of its uscfulncss to tlic consunicr. 4 4 4 In u lcttcr to The Times of October 7, Sir Gcorgo 13cilby, Director of licscnrcli to tlic Fucl Hcscarcli Bonrd, explains t lic rcasons which induccd tlic Board, aftcr tlO\*OtiIl& a ycor nnd a lialf t o tlio ~t u d y of tlio qucstion, to rccoiniucnd tlic atloption of tlio tlicniial systcln of ornluating coal gny. 110 stntcs tlint tlicrc iiro two other iiiiittcrv of importnncc to tlio consuiiicr which linvo not bccii suliicicntly considcrcrl, viz., tlic ricctl of LL cnlorinictcr, 1 1 0~' n\~ailablc, t o rccortl conti1iuously niid nutoilitit iccilly tlic Iicnting quality of tliu gnu, iiiitl tlio ncccssity for sccuring tllilt tlio consunicr sliall burn his gns in tho iiiost cconolnicnl nitiniicr. For this purposc it WIIS rcconinicntlcti tliiit t lie giis coiiipnnicv sliould rcntljust consuniurs' biirncrs frco of clinrgo, \vlionovur tho calorific vtduo of tho gas ~' n s clliulgetl.
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