A Case of Retained Placenta; Protracted Convalescence; Repeated Chills and Fever Alternating with Days of Comfort with Normal Temperature

1882 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
legs, and at the same time lost control over urine and faeces. The bladder had to be emptied by the catheter. Two weeks later there was a slight improvement ; the bladder and rectum were again under control of the patient, and the urine previously cloudy became clearer. In the last few days he has been able to move his toes a little. Status before the operation. Head and trunk normal. Axillary and cubital glands somewhat swelled. Lower extremities. On the skin of the shin are several flat,
more » ... ally pigmented, not retracted, silver white scars. Edge of tibia is somewhat rough. Right lower extremity completely paralyzed. Of the left, can move the toes. Sensibility decidedly lessened, especially on plantar surface of toes. Complete absence of tendon and skin reflexes. Urine passed spontaneously, slightly cloudy. Slight constipation. Patient remained in the hospital eighteen days, during which there was a slight improvement in motion, followed by a return to the former state of paralysis, with an increase in the reflexes. The pupils were at this time unaffected by light, but contracted with the effort of accommodation.
doi:10.1056/nejm188203021060904 fatcat:5mos7i7qkngn3crdctnctzmc44