Orthogonal component analysis to remove ventricular far field in non periodic sustained atrial flutter

Gustavo Lenis, Tobias Oesterlein, Dan-Timon Rudolph, Olaf Dossel
2015 2015 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC)  
Automatic signal processing of intracardiac electrograms plays a decisive role in the diagnosis and treatment of supraventricular arrhythmias. During sustained atrial flutter, a repetitive signal is measured in the atrium. However, the ventricular far field may overlap with the atrial activity and compromises the automatic signal processing tools during the intervention. Recently, a new method based on periodic component analysis was proposed as an artifact removal technique. The method works
more » ... The method works satisfactorily with highly periodic atrial activities but fails to reconstruct not regularly repeating signals . In order to account for that case, we developed a new method based on orthogonal component analysis to reconstruct the corrupted atrial electrocardiograms obscured by ventricular far field. We tested the method on synthetic signals and proved it to be successful. The reconstructed signals were of higher quality and the computation time was drastically shorter than the already existing periodic component analysis. We conclude that the new method can be used in realistic scenarios in the future.
doi:10.1109/cic.2015.7410999 dblp:conf/cinc/LenisORD15 fatcat:hzhzkl4rnnaetoymbdcuh4tzgi