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By RAVENNA MATHEWS " Like everything else In Texas it was really big." So " V-Day in Austin" was classed in the main story of a re cent issue of the Marine Recruiter, published monthly for the Marine Corps recruiting service. Private William Bunce begins his story of the grand scale, day long rally last spring like a good T exan: " The traditional fighting spirit of Texans flared to a new high on May Day when a mighty Victory celebration and "War Bond rally to the theme of 'Texas Fights' was
more » ... d in the capital city, Austin. * The entire program was sponsored and staged by The University of Texas, which by July gave an esti mated ten thousand of its students and ex-students to the armed forces. It was to honor those stu dents and recount the growing m ight of the University's contribu-+ lion to the nation in its present j struggle that the great V-Day cele bration was held." Most of the V-Day heroes were Marines, such as Sergeant Al Schmidt and L ieutenant Colonel W alter J . L. Baylor, partly be cause the University's Marine Corps Club was the largest college Marine reserve in the country. Private Bunce includes selec-Hon. from t h . M a r in e .': | n « « * e a . T exts oil field. Old students will rem em ber these words from blinded Sergeant Schmidt, hero of Guadalcanal. " Those boys over there can really fight . . . they'll throw rocks . . . if they give out of rocks, they'll use their bare hands. Keep buying bonds, and pretty soon w e'll have the Japs under control." Then Colonel Baylor, the " last m an to leave W ake Island," said, in congratulating Texas for over subscribing its Second W ar Loan quota by $100,000,000: " If the rest of the states come across like Texas has . . . our boys out there won't have to fight with stones and fists." The author also mentions the " beautiful movie actresses Anna Lee and Mary Brian," m ilitary dem onstrations, talks by Dr. Rai ney and Governor Stevenson, and the two thousand voice-choir di rected by Dr. Archie Jones. But, naturally, Marines predominate. The story is accompanied by fo u r pictures of personalities and one of the University Marine Corps Club. The w riter concludes: " Needless to say Marines are proud that members of the Corps helped make the Texas Fights rally the great V-Day celebration that it was." Half of Men Enrolled Now Are Engineers College Offers 95 Technical Courses; Cadettes Study, Too ' W h a t O h eJ+e/iG Nearly half of the men students j in the University, 1,558 o ut of 3,155, are enrolled in the College ; 1 of Engineering. Also included among the engineers are the Curtiss-Wi ight Cadettes, who aft er ten months' instruction in aero nautical engineering will be em ployed as junior engineers in air plane factories. The seven departm ents in the College of Engineering, which of fer ninety-five courses, are train ing more than half of the Naval WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER IS Afternoon 4-Musical Theory Lab, Recital Hall. Music Building. 4 :15-C anter Club tryouts, leave for stables from V arsity The atre.
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