Dynamic Aeroelastic Instabilities of an Aircraft Wing with Underwing Store in Transonic Regime

Chakradhar Byreddy, Ramana V. Grandhi, Philip Beran
2005 Journal of Aerospace Engineering  
The research used the Transonic Small Disturbance (TSD) theory to better understand the dynamic aeroelastic phenomena and factors that affect the onset of flutter and store induced Limit-Cycle Oscillations (LCO) in the transonic regime. Several parametric studies of the flutter and LCO of an aircraft wing with undenting store in the transonic regime were conducted, as well as an investigation of the effect of inclusion of store aerodynamics on the onset of flutter. The flutter sensitivity was
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doi:10.1061/(asce)0893-1321(2005)18:4(206) fatcat:tjhswyrh4rczrmiyhbosuvn4ra