Correcion de mapas de RCF por contaminacion galáctica y estimación del cuadripolo cosmológico

R. Casas, S. Torres
1998 Momento  
We present the galactic radiation map at 2300 MHz, produced with the data taken during the Colombian expedition of the GEM radiotelescope. The dependence of the galactic radiation spectral index with the galactic latitude is found over the sky band observable from Villa de Leyva (Boyacá) and is used to build a galactic radiation map at 53 GHz by scaling the Haslam 408 MHz map. This 53 GHz map along with the COBE one at the same frequency are used to estímate the cosmic quadrupole as well as the
more » ... pole as well as the galactic one. Finally we obtain an observational upper limit to a posible angular rotation velocity of the universe and the orientation of the rotation axis.
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