The breakthrough at dobro Polé in the first world war, the peace agreement of Nei and Bulgaria's second national disaster

Petar Nenkov
2022 Zenodo  
Purpose: The purpose of the research is to reveal the humiliating and unfair nature of the Neue Peace Treaty for Bulgaria and the hypocritical and unscrupulous policy of the countries – winners of the First World War. Design/Method/Approach: The research is empirical and is dedicated to the consequences of the First World War for Bulgaria. When collecting information for the article, I used the following research methods: analytical method, synthetic method, Comparative method and References.
more » ... ndings: The analysis of the topic in this way leads to the conclusion that in 2019 the term of the Neue Peace Treaty expires, and in this situation, a peaceful revision of its unfair clauses, which deprived Bulgaria of huge territories inhabited by a compact Bulgarian population, is possible. Theoretical implications: The present development expands the research activity on the problems of the First World War and its consequences. Originality/Value: The development is valuable in that it reveals some interesting and little-known moments of the participation of the Bulgarian Army in the First World War, the events related to the Neue Peace Treaty and their reflection on the fate of Bulgaria Research limitations: This article adds to the work devoted to the First World War and opens avenues for new research on its lessons for future human development and peacekeeping policy.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7401184 fatcat:h5roem4kpvgszfaegxy6n4iyxy