How Close to Reality is the "as-is" Business Process Simulation Model?

Bartlomiej Gawin, Bartosz Marcinkowski
2015 Organizacija  
Background and Purpose: Business process simulation (BPS) model is based on real-life data form sources like databases, observations and interviews. It acts as "as-is" business scenario can used for reengineering. The main challenge is to gather relevant data and to develop simulation model. Research aims to elaborate BPS model and to systematically assess how close to reality it is. Design/Methodology/Approach: The research has been performed in Polish telecommunications company. Authors
more » ... igate technical process of expanding cellular network. After elaborating "as-is" model, authors use ADONIS simulation tool to run a series simulations and confront simulation results with actual historical events. After this, assessment whether computer simulation model can precisely map real-life business process - and consequently act as credible basis for process improvement - is made. Results: The simulation model has been constructed with data from the WfMS database, observations, staff knowledge and their experience. Fully equipped simulation model is found to allow reconstructing the historical execution of business activity with low margin for error. Some limitation were identified and discussed. Conclusion: BPS is not a popular approach for process reengineering and improvement yet. Data collection issues for BPS that require adopting process mining techniques and additional information sources are among the reasons for that. In our study, computer simulation outputs are compatible with historical events. Hence the model reflects the business reality and can be taken as a reference model while redesigning the process.
doi:10.1515/orga-2015-0013 fatcat:2obvi7tqu5ex7mqv5j52nq57aa